Irrigation Repairs

Regardless of what the size of your landscape is and whether it’s on a commercial or residential property, it will need some kind of irrigation system. In most instances, these systems are a mix of automatic sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. We at H2O Irrigation Solutions are one of the leading irrigation repair companies in Norwalk, CT.

We provide very high-quality irrigation, installation and maintenance services to commercial and residential customers in and around Greenwich, Stratford, Trumbull, Rye Brook and Port Chester.

Over the years, we have also catered to a large number of customers in and around Westport, Fairfield, Darien, Bridgeport and Stamford as well. While we provide repair services for garden sprinkler systems that we have installed, we can also repair irrigation systems that you already have on your property.

Sprinkler System Issues

High-grade systems are built to last, but there are times when some of these systems might just start working erratically or may stop working altogether. This is where our excellent irrigation repair services come in. We have years of expertise in the field and can handle all types of irrigation repairs such as:

  • Dysfunction of rain sensors on automated systems
  • Holes in hose pipes
  • Timer dysfunction/timer not working
  • Clogs in nozzles of drip irrigation systems
  • Rust in underground iron pipes – this leads to clogging
  • Sprinkler heads not working
  • Water backflow system not functioning

Sprinkler System Repair Service

We have a very methodical approach to sprinkler system repairs and the process we follow is:

  • Our experts will visit your location and conduct a thorough check on the above-ground and underground sprinkler system faults
  • They will check what the problem with the system is
  • The objective is to identify whether it would be worthwhile to repair the system
  • At times, the cost of repairs can work out to be higher than replacement. If this is the case with your systems, they will recommend a replacement
  • Once you have approved the quote provided to you, we then start on the job on a date that is convenient for you
  • The best-automated sprinkler parts will be used in the work
  • Our personnel are highly skilled and they are able to tackle the job in the best possible way and within the shortest period of time

Cost-Effective Irrigation Solutions

We are very detailed in our approach to drip irrigation repairs and our personnel ensure that the system is up and running within the shortest possible time. We are a company that is very particular about maintaining high-quality standards. It’s why we never cut corners and we also maintain very low irrigation repair costs. We customize our services to our client’s requirements and provide highly efficient services.

If you are looking for specialized, high-grade irrigation installation, maintenance or sprinkler repair solutions, H2O Irrigation Solutions is the company to call. You can send us your queries using this online form via our site. Check this link for all the areas we service .

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