Irrigation Maintenance

H2O Irrigation Solutions is one of the front-running irrigation maintenance companies in Norwalk, CT. We provide comprehensive installation, maintenance and repairs of all types of automated sprinkler systems as well as drip irrigation systems.

While it’s crucial to get high-grade systems installed, it’s equally important that these be maintained well. That’s the only way you can be assured they will function optimally and provide you’re landscaping the water it needs, at the right intervals.

Residential and Commercial Irrigation Maintenance

We provide excellent irrigation maintenance solutions and have catered to customers in and around Greenwich, Stratford, Trumbull, Rye Brook and Port Chester. In fact, we also have a very large customer base in and around Westport, Fairfield, Darien, Bridgeport and Stamford.

Here are some important irrigation facts, which will help you realize why it’s important to have well-maintained automated sprinklers and drip irrigation systems. Landscape irrigation essentially uses around 50 percent/more of the water that local utilities provide.

If you have a poorly-maintained irrigation system on your property, it means a large amount of this water just doesn’t end up reaching the intended point. This is because most of it gets lost in runoff, evaporation or in deep-watering, way below the root zone.

Irrigation Maintenance Plans - What’s Included?

When you opt for our custom irrigation plans, it helps reduce wastage of water & pollution from runoff as well as over-irrigation. As all your plantings get the right amount of water, they continue to thrive and stay healthy; which in turn adds to the integrity, stability and beauty of the landscaping.

We typically recommend that irrigation maintenance be carried out at least 2 times a year- once just at the outset of spring and then halfway through the season. These are the different aspects that are part of our comprehensive irrigation maintenance plans:

  • Our experts will check the system’s controller unit to ascertain whether it’s working as it should
  • The date and time settings will be updated
  • All connections and wiring will be checked
  • The rain sensors will also be checked to see  if they are functioning correctly
  • If required, the system’s battery backup will be replaced
  • The system’s schedule will be changed as per the irrigation requirements of the landscaping as well as the seasons
  • We will turn on every zone and check whether it works correctly
  • All the sprinkler heads and gear-driven rotating lawn heads will be checked for  damage
  • The drip irrigation hoses will be checked as well

Opt For Our Irrigation Maintenance Solutions

High-quality irrigation systems can last for a number of years; however, they need to be maintained well. We provide excellent garden irrigation maintenance services to commercial and residential customers. While we focus on providing high-quality services, we maintain very low irrigation maintenance costs.

If you are looking for specialized, high-grade irrigation installation, maintenance or repair solutions, H2O Irrigation Solutions is the company to call. You can send us your queries using this online form via our site. Check this link for all the areas we service.

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